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We offer bespoke treatments to individuals and couples that wish to de-stress and rebalance muscle tissue, or to corporates that seek to enhance the wellbeing and performance of their employees. Our treatments can be done in the comfort of your home, in the clinic or your office. 

Swedish Massage

If you’re feeling stressed, lethargic, not getting enough sleep or you’re suffering from some form of muscular pain, tightness or you’re just tense, this is a great massage to have.

The goal is that after the massage, you’ll be more relaxed, both mentally and physically, you’ll feel revived and more connected with yourself.

A 60 minute treatment costs £110.00 and a 90 minute treatment is £160.00.

Deep Tissue Massage

If you’re suffering from acute muscle tension or aches and pains in specific areas such as your neck, shoulders or back, this is the massage to have. The treatment uses firmer, focused, tailor-made techniques to eliminate fibrous adhesions, commonly known as “muscle knots” and to realign deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue.

Whether your pain is a result of an injury caused in the gym or long periods of time at your desk, this Deep Tissue Massage will relieve those troublesome muscle pains – It’s fantastic!

A 60 minute treatment costs £110.00 and a 90 minute treatment is £160.00.

Thai Yoga Massage

Unlike Thai massage performed on the floor, this massage is conducted on a table and uses oils. It combines the ancient practice of Northern Thailand of stretching with that of Southern Thailand of using acupressure techniques.  Amongst its many benefits, it frees blockages in the body's energy flow restoring balance, increases flexibility, boost's strength, reduces stress and relieves muscle tension and pain. It's a beautiful massage to have and can be incorporated with other massage disciplines.

A 60 minute treatment costs £110.00 and a 90 minute treatment is £160.00.

Stretch Massage

A wonderful massage if your muscles are tight and need stretching. It softens hard fibrous muscles, supports circulation, therefore helping to remove waste, relieves pain, congestion and inflammation. If your suffering from limited range of motion it helps to improve this as well as your posture.  

A 60 minute treatment costs £110.00 and a 90 minute treatment is £160.00.

Please note that all prices listed relate to home and clinic visits. 

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

This treatment is unlike most massage treatments in its application. Here, we apply light, rhythmic pumping strokes in the direction that the lymph flows. This supports the functionality and effectiveness of the body’s lymphatic system which carries vital substances around the body in the lymph fluid,  defending the body and helping in the removal of cellular waste products.  The lymphatic system is an integral part of the body’s circulatory system and its immune response. If the lymphatic system becomes compromised, lymph fluid builds up and blockages arise, resulting in stagnation, causing the system to become toxic.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage assists in clearing these blockages, eliminating metabolic wastes and toxins from the body, transporting nutrients to cells, increasing your metabolic efficiency, which in turn helps in the reduction of excess fluid in the body, and subsequently water weight. It has an incredibly calming effect on the nervous system, helping to relieve stress and tension.

A 90 minute treatment is £160.00.

Dry Cupping

Dry Cupping, also known as Myofascial Decompression Therapy, is a treatment where, through the use of suction, you create negative pressure, which is channelled via the cup to the soft tissue. The blood supply is increased to the muscle tissue, facia and skin in the area applied. The tissue underneath the cup is stretched which helps relieve tension knots, improves range of motion and reduces pain. A process called sterile inflammation also occurs during the cupping. This is where the body releases white blood cells and other chemicals to generate healing.

At ARU NA UCHE, we use a variety of cupping techniques including Static, Slide, Flash, Active Movement and Soft Tissue Release to bring about the required result. Dry Cupping can be used on its own, or in conjunction with manual treatments.

A 60 minute treatment costs £110.00 and a 90 minute treatment is £160.00.

Natural Face Lift Massage

The stresses that we all experience in everyday life can result in the muscles in the head, face and neck tightening and constricting, leading to aches and pains especially around the jaw and neck area. To rejuvenate the face, the ARU NA UCHE Natural Face Lift Massage uses specifically-tailored facial muscle manipulation techniques that relieve tension in these muscles, help smooth away wrinkles, and bring back elasticity and sheen to the skin. Acupressure is applied to stimulate key organs in the body and helps to renew the cell system, leaving you feeling more energised and having better-looking skin. To help contour the face, reduce puffiness and the level of toxins in the system, lymphatic drainage is used. To further help firm-up the skin, cold stone treatment is used, and this soothes the skin by reducing inflammation. It also enhances facial definition.

To achieve the best possible results, we use a range of products that are naturally based, formulated with the most up-to-date bioactive ingredients, full of antioxidants, nutrients, and anti-inflammatories, resulting in your skin being cleansed, healthy and glowing.

A 90 minute treatment costs £195.00 and a 2 hour treatment is £245.00.

The ARU NA UCHE Three-Week "RESET" Treatment Programme

Here clients will have 4 90-minute treatments, and 1 2-hour treatment that will include the following:

  • Deep Tissue Massage

  • Stretch Massage

  • Manual Lymphatic Drainage

  • Natural Face Lift Massage

The programme costs £785.00

The ARU NA UCHE “RESET” Signature Treatment Programme


Our “RESET” Signature Treatment Programme is designed to help you feel physically rejuvenated and connected with yourself, as well as emotionally lifted and energised. You will go through a range of physical sensations and emotions. This is achieved by taking you through a course of treatments that work independently to achieve particular results, but when combined over a period of 4 weeks give you a truly holistic massage experience.

Within the programme you will have 6 90-minute treatments, and 1 2-hour treatment that will include the following:

  • Dry Cupping

  • Deep Tissue Massage

  • Stretch Massage

  • Manual Lymphatic Drainage

  • Natural Face Lift Massage

The 4 week programme costs £1,100.00

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